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About Me

About Me
About Me

My Philosophy

I’ve been practicing yoga since 1996, and teaching it since 2003. Initially I qualified in Iyengar inspired Hatha yoga with Ruth White, then continued to deepen my knowledge with training in Structural Yoga Therapy with Mukunda Stiles and in Structural Integration Yoga with Gary Carter . Both of these approaches to Yoga focus strongly on anatomy and the importance of looking at the bigger picture, how Yoga can help the healing process through appropriate stretching and strengthening work for the body. 

My fascination with the back led me to achieve accreditation in the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ course, a 12 week course of yoga movements and relaxations, which promotes better posture, awareness of correct alignment (so that risk of injury is reduced) and healthy use of the back. The course has been extensively researched and has demonstrably reduced back pain. 

To bring balance in my own practice and my teaching I include elements of the Yoga Sutras,  meditation and relaxation. I have studied Yoga Nidra with the Satyananda School of Yoga and am also qualified to teach this important aspect of Yoga, to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and to boost our sense of wellbeing.

All my lessons are given with a sense of humour with an emphasis on enjoyment,  working safely and appropriately. The practice of Yoga reminds us how precious life is and encourages us to be at peace with ourselves and the world!

My Qualifications