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My Yoga Classes

Yoga for All

Carefully structured and themed classes designed to cater for a wide range of abilities. I use my training in yoga therapy techniques to guide my students to work within their abilities so that progress is well managed and the risk of injury is minimised. As students progress they are naturally able to manage more advanced postures and work. Iyengar yoga encourages the use of props to help ensure correct alignment through the postures and reduce unnecessary strain. Classes start with an introduction to the theme for that class, a warm up and then progress through the posture work. They always end with a session of pranayama and relaxation.

Classes Available

 Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

This is a specially focussed series of 12 sessions designed to provide back ache sufferers with a set of yoga postures, breathing practices and stress relief techniques to help alleviate and manage lower back pain. The techniques and practices form a toolkit that can be used to improve posture and develop healthier habits to strengthen the back. It also provides techniques to manage back pain when it does occur and help towards a more rapid recovery.

This course follows the syllabus outlined by the Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Institute for which I am an accredited practitioner and tutor.

Classes Available

Corporate Yoga

One of the best and most cost effective benefits you can give your employees is to enhance a feeling of wellbeing and contentedness. Providing time out from work, time to concentrate on oneself, to stretch and relieve the strains of work life, to sit in quiet contemplation and clear ones mind of stress for a short while means they can return to work refreshed and more productive. Besides providing a straightforward yoga class I teach in such a way that the techniques and practices can be applied outside the classroom as tools to generally enhance both physical and mental health.

Classes Available

Private Classes

I set aside some of my time for private one to one tuition. This can include individually tailored and focussed sessions of general yoga or courses of yoga therapy to address a specific physiological issue – for example – chronic back ache. In such circumstances there will be an evaluation session where I will require some history of the problem and a short yoga practice to evaluate the extent of the condition. After which, we can make a decision whether to continue and if so how best to proceed.

Classes Available