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A Brief Guide.

This is the very briefest of guides to help you explore meditation. There are so many techniques to help us in our quest to find inner peace that we can easily get confused, overwhelmed or downhearted. So, be playful, its a menu, try it all & see what works for you! 
Don’t let anything stop you setting a time & finding a peaceful space to practice. And try it our for just three days. Even a 5 minute practice is beneficial!
If you accomplish that milestone, then try extending it for two more days.
After your 5 day trial make your own design how to continue.
Be on guard for those self-sabotaging thoughts …. “ I can’t do it,  I’m rubbish at this… This is such a waste of time”. If life gets in the way, it doesn’t matter. 
  1. Create space by clearing out the clutter:-
    • Through posture work: this frees up the body & prepares you for meditation.
    • Through breath work:  Remember not to grip the breath.
  2. Be clear:-
    • Clarify your intentions, what do you want to achieve (more energy, more calm, more resilience…)
    • Write your aims down.
    • You could use your phone, notice board, diary or journal too, to remind you to practice. 
  3. Feel it 
    • Breathe the intention/ desire in as though its already there with you.
    • Enjoy the feeling of it.
    • Does thinking about it make you smile inside & out? 
  4. Be open.
  5. Be patient.

The Meditations


About 5 mins

This short meditation is helpful for those of us suffering with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

Working through this meditation will help us to feel more grounded, stable and secure.

Use the link to the audio file here: Mountain Meditation Audio File